DAMM TetraFlex® Network Management


DAMM TetraFlex®  Network Management provides a user friendly and highly flexible tool for management, supervision and optimization of the DAMM TetraFlex Network.








Reliable and effective Network Management

The unique graphical DAMM TetraFlex® Network Management (NM) system  gives you easy access to configuration and surveillance of the entire network. With the NM you can at any time ensure  that the whole network runs correctly to support high reliability and service for network users. A summarized list of status and alarms are automatically displayed  for all nodes in the system  ready for detailed analysis. All node  positions are displayed  on a map with indication of alarm status. The NM application further allows the backup and update of new SW versions to all nodes in the system  in one single process.

Subscriber Register Management

With direct connection to the subscriber register all profiles, subscribers, dispatchers, gateways etc. are maintained  directly from the NM.

Radio Network Optimization

A comprehensive network performance logging facility is directly accessed from the NM to review statistical data  for system  optimization. Once activated, it will automatically start recording  the status of all nodes in the network, such as for traffic load and timeslot distribution without any further configurationally steps.

Flexible  and user  friendly set-up

The NM can be executed at any location with access to the DAMM TetraFlex IP backbone, either on a separate Windows PC or via remote  desktop to any of the BSC’s. More users  can run multiple instances of the NM simultaneously.  The NM displays a list of the status and alarms of all nodes automatically, and when a new node  is attached to the network, it will automatically be recognized and included in the list.


Subscriber profile settings

– Setup, change and maintenance of subscribers, profiles and multiple organizations in the subscriber register

– Subscriber encryption and/or authentication settings

– Groups,  nodes and service restriction settings

  • Complete configuration options for each individual node
  • Manual or automatic configuration of neighbour cells
  • Detailed listing of status and alarms for each node in the network
  • Instant front notification for fast view of status and alarms
    • Number of nodes
    • Number of missing nodes
    • Number of LogServers
    • Number of level 3 blocking alarms
    • Number of level 2 non-blocking  alarms
    • Number of level 1 warnings
  • Configuration of alarm wave files (sound)for each  alarm level (L1, L2, L3)
  • Node position displayed on map
  • Nodes, map positions and status windows are interlinked for easy overview
  • Directly access to any node  via TetraOM (Operation and Maintenance),  remote desktop and Microsoft Explorer
  • Data Management application
  • Direct access to TetraFlex Voice and
  • Access to network performance statistics per node
    • Alarm
    • Timeslot distribution
    • Congestion
    • Voice GW alarm, channels and congestion
    • Packet Data GW alarms
    • Application GW alarms and congestion

(From https://www.dammcellular.com/)

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